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A multifamily property is a great investment. You get several different units with the purchase of one property, and you don’t have to worry about large vacancy losses because even if one unit is vacant, rent is still coming in from the others. However, landlords usually have to be more involved with their tenants when it comes to multifamily properties. When neighbors complain about noise, you need to handle the situation appropriately.

Multifamily Properties and Tenant Screening

One way to prevent noise issues is with tenant screening. Do your usual screening of credit, background, employment, and income. But, when you talk to current and former landlords, ask about noise. Find out if the tenant had complaints from neighbors, or if the music was loud or the dog was always barking. A little extra digging during the screening process can prevent the placement of neighbors who might be too loud for your community.

Accept the Complaint and Investigate the Problem

When one of your tenants complains that another tenant is making too much noise, do a little investigating. Find out if there is merit to the complaint. Talk with the tenant who is being accused of noise. If it’s a one-time thing, you can easily resolve the situation. If it turns into a dispute, you’ll need to manage both tenants and achieve a resolution without allowing the situation to escalate.

Documenting the Complaints

complaintsStart off with a verbal warning. If it turns out that one tenant is making too much noise, just ask that tenant to please keep it down and be respectful to the neighbors. Refer your tenant to the lease agreement, which should state that everyone in the property has a right to the quiet enjoyment of their home. If another complaint comes in, put something in writing. You can serve a notice that requires the noisy tenant to comply with the lease or leave the property. 

Including a Quiet Hours policy in your lease is a good way to protect all of your tenants in a multifamily property. If you have any questions about how to deal with noisy tenants, please contact us at Glendale Property Management. We would be happy to provide additional advice and support.

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